When You Should Consider Adding The Drug Nuedexta and Physical Therapy to Your Wellness Routine

PT Rehab for Your Health and Wellness

Many folks think that physical therapy is reserved for rehabilitation of a joint or muscle after an injury. In part, that thought is correct. PT Rehab is a component of the healing process when an injury to a muscle or joint has occurred. However, that is not the only time that PT is beneficial. Read below to find out more regarding when you should consider adding physical therapy to your wellness routine.

One Reason for Nuedexta

For those who experience the condition Pseudo Bulbar Effect, PBA, their wellness is heavily impacted. They need some type of relief as well to tend to their health and wellness. As such Nuedexta is an option.

The drug Nuedexta is a  medicine that directly targets the triggers of the PBA syndrome. It’s primary ingredients are Dextromethorphan and Quinidine . The design of the drug is to regulate certain parts of the nervous system which is the instigator of the problems.

Using this medication as a complimentary component of a PBA sufferer’s health and wellness provides relief to those who experience the problem.

Three Reasons for Physical Therapy:

Healing after injury
As mentioned above, therapy of the physical nature is hugely beneficial for healing after an injury or condition of a joint or muscle. Therapy by a qualified, certified specialist help to ensure that the condition of your body returns to as optimal form and capabilities as it did before the injury occurred.

Image if you had a car accident, hurt yourself while playing a sport, twisting your ankle while you are running or simply tripping and falling which results in a fractured bone. Physical rehab therapy can help you with healing so that your body and movement can return to optimal condition without ongoing pain that would exist many years after the injury occurred.

Fix a problem
For many people over the course of their lives, their body takes a beating. Either we move the wrong way, maintain an improper posture or just function in a manner that is not conducive to the proper functioning of the body. Because of this, we experience aches and pains that we don’t need to go through. Physical therapy can alleviate those aches and pains by educating through physical rehab how to move appropriately.

For people who sit at a desk all day, they find their shoulders ache, their back becomes sore, and there is tightness in their neck. Sciatica is a common problem that causes a pain that begins in the back and runs all the way down the leg. PT can teach you the proper way to sit, move and even stretches that can be done to help eliminate these issues and concerns.

Improve strength and power in your body
Another detriment to abnormal movement is the inability to utilize the full range of motion in your body. Become of tightness in your back you cannot move left to right from one end of the range to the other. Because of restrictions in your shoulder due to the muscles surrounding the joint, or the joint itself, you can not fully raise your arm up or in forward or backward position. There are numerous examples to list that can speak to limitations in movement. Physical therapy of the muscle and joint can remove those limitations and allow for a full range of movement in each direction that the body can possibly move.

So when you swing a golf club, how much distance can you get from a drive off of the first tee if your upper torso or arms can only move in half the direction possible? For anyone interested adding strength through working out with weights, how can you increase strength in your legs if you can only do squats by bending 45 degrees because you can’t flex or extend your hips or because your back hurts performing the exercise? Fix the ability to move in a full range of motion, and then you can increase the strength and power of your body.

The good news about utilizing physical therapy for these three reasons is that you can find locations for these purposes in nearly every city in the United States and around the world. As an example, San Diego, California offers several PT offices that you can search in Yelp.  Glendale, Arizona has Balanced Physical Therapy, Pilates and Wellness clinic and studio. You can learn more about that business in their Glendale, AZ physical therapy video.

Health and Wellness by Way of Physical Therapy and Pilates

What is Wellness?

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