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“In my view, energy is humanity’s greatest divine gift.” 
Wilhelm Von Humboldt 1767-1835

Welcome to Temecula Wellness Center

Everyone deserves to experience a long happy healthy life. When you have interference in the flow of energy in your body, the result is dis-ease. Dis-ease occurs when your body functions at less than 100%. When you are dis-eased, you become a breeding ground for disease. It is imperative to correct any interference with your flow of energy if you want to be healthy.

Our wellness care is cost effective, pain free, there is no disrobing required, we have flexible appointments and the average time for each visit is about 15 – 20 minutes.

Temecula Wellness Center does not accept any type of insurance. We operate on a cash basis only. Insurance companies do not pay for Wellness Care. You must accept the responsibility for the cost of your wellness care in the same way you are responsible for a membership to a gym, buying supplements, purified water, organic foods etc.

“If you think wellness is expensive, try disease.” 

We do not guarantee we can prevent or cure any illness, symptoms, conditions, injuries or disease. At the wellness center we are honored to assist you becoming as healthy and physically fit as possible. As a result, you can contribute to our community and a better world.

No longer practicing chiropractic, and after more than forty years in that profession, Dr. Rondberg has chosen to focus on energy healing. He understands the need people have to deeply heal themselves by taking an integrative approach to health.

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